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When Elizabeth Van Tassel, resilience expert and fantasy writer, survived a wildfire that took all her possessions, she never dreamed her path of healing would make her an expert about rising above difficulties. Elizabeth spent months interviewing romance, young adult, historical, and inspirational authors searching for insights to inspire others on their path to wholeness. These four, half-hour segment videos tackle everything from death, losses, divorce, financial difficulties, special needs children, new career paths, widowhood, military deployments, dyslexia challenges, and more. See how these creative authors deal with real-life struggles and find their lasting strength, faith, and hope.

The series includes many multi-published, famous authors and up-and-coming writers.

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The Resilient Authors Project, Four Part Series


Each video is downloadable to your personal computer. They are $34.99 if purchased separately, or all four videos in a bundle for $69.99.

Video One: Resilience Expert Elizabeth Van Tassel’s story, Authors Debbie Macomber, DiAnn Mills, Cara Putman

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Video Two: Authors Edie Melson, Pepper Basham, and Gayle Roper

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Video Three: Authors Sara Ella, Nadine Brandes, and Ralene Burke

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Video Four: Authors Hannah Conway, Christina Suzann Nelson, and Diana Wallis Taylor

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The Bridge, Recovery Guide


From Traumatic Loss To Thriving

The Bridge is a seven-page resource packed with money and time-saving tips for moving from surviving to thriving when a severe difficulty occurs. Elizabeth Van Tassel, resilience expert and wildfire survivor, guides you in the three stages of loss recovery:

  • Immediate Needs—How to get safe and stable after a life-threatening event like a fire, flood, or other natural disaster. Includes money-saving tips for hotel stays, packing ideas, and how to establish a key contact person. See FREE handout downloadable PDF (below).
  • Searching The Remnants—How to face the unbearable task of sorting the remains of your home, recruit volunteers to save time and shorten the heartache, and what heirloom to never throw away even if it’s severely damaged, along with resources for damage recovery.
  • Charting a New Beginning—Seven tips to start over after a loss. Whether it’s a death or loss of belongings, you can craft a better life with the decisions and guiding principles you establish during this key phase of life-change. Includes tips for forming a Guiding Question to use with the massive amount of decisions necessary from what to buy, where to live, and establishing the “new normal” in life.
  • Bonus: The One Thing You Don’t Want To Miss To Protect Your Family—Elizabeth shares an incredibly invaluable tip to save your family and marriage during this transition and life-change.

Plus: Let Elizabeth do the thinking for you! She’s included helpful lists to guide concerned people how they can help make your to-do lists more effective and recovery easier.

PDF format, Download, $10.00

Seven Steps To Rebuild Your Life

When disaster strikes, or a major life change happens, there’s a myriad of systems, decisions, and situations that happen all at once. Paperwork climbs in the corners, threatening any bit of hope with a feeling of desperation. And many of your key decisions, and, even your outlook, during this critical transition will change the course of your whole life!

You’re suddenly swamped with questions like:

  • How much money do I have to spend?
  • Who can help me with insurance decisions?
  • Am I alone in all of this?
  • What are we going to do about…. (childcare, quality of life, emotional healing, adapting our expectations, etc.)

How are you going to make solid decisions, while nurturing your marriage and relationships and even … yourself?

Elizabeth is a veteran survivor of wildfires that took it all and also several family medical emergencies that changed all their lives in a moment. She shares her seven steps to living resiliently within the context of any kind of new beginning, such as:

  • Disaster recovery
  • Medical emergencies
  • PTSD issues
  • New job
  • Family relocations
  • Divorce
  • Any major life change

If you want wisdom that will shorten your path through difficult times, watch this preview.

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$39.00 for all three videos, downloadable format.

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Emergency Packing Ideas and Evacuation Tips – Free

Download this free PDF with overview ideas and more information about Elizabeth Van Tassel’s helpful ideas.

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In an emergency, simply click these photos to read and pack quickly. You can also do advance planning with these preparation lists.

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